Call for papers

Call for Abstracts - Submission deadline: October 15, 2021

The BBS wants to encourage high quality academic research within the domain of spinal pain and wants to provide a platform to communicate scientific work at a national level. All selected abstracts will be presented as posters.

The BBS Young Investigator Award

The award is reserved for young researchers (PhD students or max 5 years postdoc). The BBS will select the best abstract and the author will be rewarded with the BBS Young Investigator Award. The prize is a diploma and a discretory envelope containing a financial reward.

Prepare your abstract

  • Use a Word file (.docx) containing title, authors & affiliations and the actual abstract. Save the file name with your Last Name First Name Number (i.e., 1 for your first abstract, 2 for your second abstract, etc.). Example: Claessens Chris 1.docx
  • Abstracts must be written in English not exceeding 300 words (excluding title, authors, affiliations)
  • Use Calibri font size 11.
  • Use single spacing and type the text unjustified without hyphenating words at line breaks. Use hard returns only to end headings and paragraphs, not to rearrange lines.
  • TYPE TITLE IN CAPITAL LETTERS in bold with no full stop at the end.
  • Type family name first followed by the initials of the first name of the authors (Claessens V.M., etc)
  • Type affiliation underneath the authors: Institution, Department, City, Country (do not mention street addresses, PO boxes or zip codes). When there are multiple affiliations number them as follows and use the semi-colon between the multiple affiliations: 1 Dept. A, Hospital A, City, Country; 2 Dept. B, Hospital B, City, Country etc.
  • Ideally, your abstract is structured as follows: Introduction, Purpose/Aim, Materials and Methods, Results, Relevance, Conclusions, Implications.
  • In structured abstracts, paragraph headings should by typed in bold with no colon at the end. Do not use the heading ‘Abstract’. Each heading should be in a separate paragraph.
  • The use of References is discouraged and must be limited to max 3. When you list references, use superscript numbers in both the text and the reference list.

Submit your abstract

Important notes

  • Final submission deadline: October 15, 2021
  • The Scientific Committee welcomes any abstract related to the spine and to spinal pain.
  • Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract by email in the course of November 2021.
  • All selected abstracts will be presented as posters. It is not possible to submit abstracts for oral presentation.
  • Poster size is A0 (84,1 x 119,4 cm).
  • All accepted papers will be included (unedited) in the digital congress abstract book, if at least one author is registered.
  • Poster presenters are NOT exempted from paying the registration fee.
  • The submitting author, or his representative must be registered by November 16, 2021.